South America Deposits by Country

Bank Branch Founded Country Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
ICBC Argentina 193 2012 Argentina 52,57% - ARS Aug 2019
Banco De Costa Rica 245 1877 Costa Rica 7.80% - CRC Jun 2018
Bancolombia 796 1945 Colombia 4.80% - COP Jun 2018
Banco Estado 1856 Chile 3.24% - CLP Jun 2018
Banistmo 2013 Panama 2.40% - USD Feb 2018
Banco De Credito BCP 375 1889 Peru 2.25% - PEN Feb 2018
Republic Bank 40 1837 Trinidad and Tobago 1.20% - TTD Jul 2018

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  • Q: What are the best interest rates for Ecuador regarding a certificate of deposit

    Reply Vicki from Dayton, United States
  • Q: I live in Toronto Canada. Want to open a savings account in Argentina for 1 yr. how do you do it? The procedure? Should I go through the Argentina Embassy in Toronto?

    Reply Adugna from Scarborough, Canada
    • R: The interest rate may be high, but that inflation is crazy and it could easily go much higher within one year and potentially leave you with a loss at the end of one year. You still have to get your money out of the country at the end of the day. :-)

      Reply den
  • Q: Why don't you publish interests rates for Brasil.

    Reply Alfredo from Curitiba, Brazil

South America Discussion Activity

  • Argentina - Deposits
    Q: Dear Concerned, I'm planning on opening an account in Argentina because the interest rates seem lucrative to me but for that I would need more details in order to deduce whether or not I should move my funds there because at the moment I'm residing in Bangladesh. Please advice me and send me some details on the procedures, formalities and most importantly the schemes that I maybe interested in. Kind regards, Shormily

    Reply Shormily from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Colombia - Bancolombia
    Q: I would interested in learning more about private banking.

    Reply James from Colombia
  • Argentina - Deposits
    Q: I am Indian citizen live in Australia, can I invest in fixed deposits. If yes what’s the fee and process

    Reply Vivek from Yagoona, Australia
  • Argentina - Investing
    Q: Hey I am from srilanka can I invest from srilanka? And your website doesn't have English

    Reply S.kuhan from United Kingdom
  • Argentina - Banco De La Nacion Argentina
    Q: Hi my name is Zak and I love in Australia. I would like to open a savings account and make regular deposits. I would like to know is it possible for this to be done from Australia? And, what type of account offers the highest interest rate? I am interested because in Australia the interest rate is only 3%, I have seen that in Argentina it is about 20%.

    Reply Zak from Australia
    • R: It's about 20% but only in local money

      Reply Solomon