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South America Deposits by Country

CountryInflationGDPPopulationInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Argentina27.6%15,85442,669,50022.80% - ARSAug 2016
Colombia3.4%9,04647,865,6008.58% - COPAug 2016
Costa Rica12,1574,713,1686.05% - CRCAug 2016
Chile3.3%15,00217,819,0544.32% - CLPAug 2016
Panama5.9%14,0973,713,3122.40% - USDAug 2016
Peru3%9,28130,814,1752.25% - PENAug 2016
Trinidad And Tobago5.2%19,7591,328,0191.00% - TTDOct 2016

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  • Q: I live in Toronto Canada. Want to open a savings account in Argentina for 1 yr. how do you do it? The procedure? Should I go through the Argentina Embassy in Toronto?

    ReplyAdugna from Scarborough, Canada
    • R: The interest rate may be high, but that inflation is crazy and it could easily go much higher within one year and potentially leave you with a loss at the end of one year. You still have to get your money out of the country at the end of the day. :-)

  • Q: Why don't you publish interests rates for Brasil.

    ReplyAlfredo from Curitiba, Brazil

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    Q: how much do i need to invest in term depositfor 1 year or 6 month is there any mimimum amount i need to put please let me knowfor eg. 100,000 peso or less

    jagdish hoonjan from Kolkata, India
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    Q: I am from bahrain if i invest 770 us dollar for three years hiw much the intrest will be each munth how much i can get and what the rules to open an account with you

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    Q: I'm sorry. This can't be real. There's no way a bank can be profitable while giving people returns as high as 23.25% a MONTH. What would prevent someone from depositing $100,000 in September, withdrawing $23,250 in October, then withdrawing $23,250 in November, etc., etc? It's ludicrous. So I presume I'm misunderstanding what it means when it says there's a monthly rate of 23.25%. I'd appreciate it if someone could enlighten me. Also, I am in a state of equally potent disbelief regarding the yearly rate of 28.5%. What I'm thinking is you deposit your $100,000 then a year later you would essentially have to go through a band of Argentinian gangsters wearing red HSBC shirts, ski masks, and holding AK47's, and they won't give you your $28,500 until you give them your little sister. Either that, or the bank collapses. Are you telling me there are people in Argentina who are willing to borrow money at a rate high enough to offset the 28.5% I would get every YEAR? If I'm not seeing things correctly because I'm blinded by the .000000025% interest rates they give us in the U.S., I would very much appreciate someone pointing out my ignorance.

    Adam from Wallingford, United States
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    Q: What documents are required to open a personal account at Banco Nacional for an American citizen, with residency?What fees are involved?

    Douglas from Panama