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South America Deposits by Country

Country Inflation GDP Population Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Argentina 27.6% 15,854 42,669,500 23.70% - ARS Feb 2018
Costa Rica 12,157 4,713,168 7.85% - CRC Feb 2018
Colombia 3.4% 9,046 47,865,600 6.67% - COP Jun 2017
Chile 3.3% 15,002 17,819,054 3.36% - CLP Feb 2018
Panama 5.9% 14,097 3,713,312 2.40% - USD Feb 2018
Peru 3% 9,281 30,814,175 2.25% - PEN Feb 2018
Trinidad And Tobago 5.2% 19,759 1,328,019 1.20% - TTD Feb 2018

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  • Q: What are the best interest rates for Ecuador regarding a certificate of deposit

    Reply Vicki from Dayton, United States
  • Q: I live in Toronto Canada. Want to open a savings account in Argentina for 1 yr. how do you do it? The procedure? Should I go through the Argentina Embassy in Toronto?

    Reply Adugna from Scarborough, Canada
    • R: The interest rate may be high, but that inflation is crazy and it could easily go much higher within one year and potentially leave you with a loss at the end of one year. You still have to get your money out of the country at the end of the day. :-)

      Reply den
  • Q: Why don't you publish interests rates for Brasil.

    Reply Alfredo from Curitiba, Brazil

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    Q: Can I deposit funds from Well Fargo banking and invest from within the United States ?

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    Q: I have heard that these rates seem ultra-attractive. But the devil is in the details! Inflation at 22% and above each year; and restrictive clauses in the fine print of the Account Contracts (for example, regarding withdrawals/repatriation of funds) and, and 'unusual' (but secretly planned) government legislation restricting repatriation of these Accounts' funds outside the country or into US dollars (for example) will mean that you will average a LOSS on such 'investments.' IS THIS TRUE?

    Paul from Tacoma, United States