South America Rates

Continent Deposit Rates

South America Deposits by Country

Country Inflation GDP Population Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Argentina 27.6% 15,854 42,669,500 21,67% - ARS May 2018
Costa Rica 12,157 4,713,168 7.85% - CRC Feb 2018
Colombia 3.4% 9,046 47,865,600 6.67% - COP Jun 2017
Chile 3.3% 15,002 17,819,054 3.36% - CLP Feb 2018
Panama 5.9% 14,097 3,713,312 2.40% - USD Feb 2018
Peru 3% 9,281 30,814,175 2.25% - PEN Feb 2018
Trinidad And Tobago 5.2% 19,759 1,328,019 1.20% - TTD Feb 2018

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  • Q: What are the best interest rates for Ecuador regarding a certificate of deposit

    Reply Vicki from Dayton, United States
  • Q: I live in Toronto Canada. Want to open a savings account in Argentina for 1 yr. how do you do it? The procedure? Should I go through the Argentina Embassy in Toronto?

    Reply Adugna from Scarborough, Canada
    • R: The interest rate may be high, but that inflation is crazy and it could easily go much higher within one year and potentially leave you with a loss at the end of one year. You still have to get your money out of the country at the end of the day. :-)

      Reply den
  • Q: Why don't you publish interests rates for Brasil.

    Reply Alfredo from Curitiba, Brazil

South America Discussion Activity

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    Q: I am a frequent visitor to Costa Rica on a US passport. Can I open an interest bearing account at Scotia Bank in Costa Rica ? Rates?

    Reply Richard from San José, Costa Rica
  • Loans
    Q: My husband and I want to buy a vacation apartment in Colombia South America. We both work in the US. Can you help with this.

    Reply Olga from San Francisco, United States
  • Argentina - ICBC Argentina
    Q: How can I invest into Argentina fixed deposit as a foreigner? But I live in Asia. I can open $200000. Thanks

    Reply ali from United Kingdom
  • Argentina - Investing
    Q: HI I am An Australian and was wondering if I could open a High interest bank account in Argentina. I see your interest rates are now some of the highest in the world and I would like to invest in Argentina. Please can you advise.

    Reply Alex from Mount Gambier, Australia
  • Argentina - Deposits
    Q: Please reply me how to create an account and deposit there.

    Reply HAMID from Lahore, Pakistan
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